Rum Nitty Vs K Shine Available Now Exclusively on the URLTV App!

Rum Nitty Vs K Shine is available now exclusively on the URLTV App!

Rum Nitty Vs K Shine took place on NOME 9. A stacked card that created an instant classic of an event. Each battle being heavily anticipated and worthy of excitement including this one.

Rum Nitty who is one of the hottest names in battle rap right now. Rising fast with his undeniable pen, that is making waves across the culture, faced off against K Shine who is on one of the best runs ever in battle rap, with him taking on major competition and putting on a show with every performance.

The two squared off on a battle that didn’t disappoint for a single bar, with fans getting everything they were looking for,

With the battle now available exclusively on the URTLV App fans everywhere will be able to enjoy and pick a winner for them self

Check out Rum Nitty Vs K Shine on the URLTV App and follow them on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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