Sea Girls – Violet

Sea Girls – Violet

“Forgot my lines every time we spoke”

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend and I’m sure it will be a great one for us all. Here at Global Media Rock it’s no secret that excellence is the key for our Fridays. Making sure we bring you the best content to make sure your weekend starts off just right. I’m more than confident we have achieved that with the new song from Sea Girls called “Violet”

Sea Girls are undeniable on the new song “Violet”. The sound is beyond fresh but familiar with influences of 80’s Rock in the verses and 90’s Rock in the chorus, that come together to make a super level of music you have to hear. The production is big and sounds like it was meant for the world to hear and enjoy, with an amazing vocal performance to deliver, the lyrics delivered by the master pen at work.

Sea Girls “Violet” is a next level jam that the whole world should hear now. It’s Rock that’s pure, fresh, and supremely impressive. The work displayed by this group is everything that makes music feel good to hear, with every aspect of this record shining brighter than the sun to make a record that’s an instant classic

Check out Sea Girls “Violet” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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