Julian Lamadrid – Die Young

Julian Lamadrid – Die Young

“I know you wanna die young”

There’s an infinite amount of music coming out everyday. Countless songs being available to the public. Even without so much music coming out not too many songs are “fresh”. A good record that feels young, fresh, and new, with a sound that feels incredible. Julian Lamadrid gives some of the freshest and creative music out there with his new song “Die Young”.

Julian Lamadrid has a star presence on his new song “Die Young”, clicks on all cylinders to show you just how talented he is. The writing is heavy and delivered by a creative vocal approach, that is innovative and high energy. All of this takes place over an amazing production that is the perfect canvas for him to show his wide range of talents, and how great he is when it’s all on display for the world to enjoy.

Julian Lamadrid’s “Die Young” is the next big hit you will hear coming out of your radio. It’s where good music and mass appeal meet with the record being a true master level musically, while still having that mass appeal that helps it connect to a worldwide audience for a must hear song.

Check out Julian Lamadrid “Die Young” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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