Functional Work Wear with a Military Vibe: Cease and Desist

Functional Work Wear with a Military Vibe: Cease and Desist

Greetings Global Family. This installment of Global Fashion focuses on the brand Cease & Desist. As always we aim to deliver only the most dope content. We chose to highlight Here at Global Money, we definite support a reasonable level of bravado. Cease & Desist is a brand that knows when to flex and when to be more subdued. We appreciate balance and that is why Cease & Desist is definitely feature worthy.

If there is not trail then YOU should blaze one. When it comes to trailblazing fashion lines look not further than Cease & Desist. Cease & Desist is a brand that is raw, bold, and committed to providing consumers with luxury fashion. Another cool and unique feature of Cease & Desist is the fact that it is inspired work wear and military gear.

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? Cease & Desist is unapologetically bold. With strong military vibes and graphics prints this brand can’t help but make a statement. Cease & Desist reworks work attire in a way that is functional, edgy, and cool.

Be sure to check out Cease & Desist using the link below. Stay Global Friends!

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