More Than a Luxury Line: LFANT

More Than a Luxury Line: LFANT

Greetings Global Family. This week’s installment of Global Fashion will focus on the brand LFANT. LFANT (Pronounced ele-ph-ant) is all about humility, patience, love, creativity, discipline and balance. And honestly who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

What should you know about LFANT? The brand LFANT is definitely a luxury line with notable athletic flair. And admittedly, I enjoy LFANT’s mission: “to provide quality handmade garments that spark feelings of childhood.” This brand has a cool and very beautiful message behind their work. This brand really promotes love, light, and positive vibes and the world really could use more of that.

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? For today’s lesson I am going to borrow a quote directly from LFANT: “You create who you are by designing your own destiny.”

Be sure to check out LFANT using the linkS below and follow them on social media. Stay Global Friends!

LFANT Website

LFANT Instagram Page

LFANT Twitter Page

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