Suit Up or Unsuitable

Suit Up or Unsuitable

Greetings Global Family. Today’s Global Fashion installment will focus on suits. Wearing a suit is an instant way to demonstrate style, status, and professionalism. However, a suits can have meaning way beyond their surroundings. Think about it when do you wear a suit? Usually for something major (unless you wear a suit for work). Good, bad or other the suit is one of the most transformative pieces of fashion.

Today’s Global Fashion post is going to focus on suits. Depending on your age, you may remember a time when a rapper wearing a suit was not a good luck. Fast-forward to today’s world and you’ll notice quite the evolution of suits worn by rap artist and moguls alike. There has even been a very beautiful transition from baggy oversized suits to well-fitted and perfectly tailored fits. Rappers are so much more than just musicians these days, they are entrepreneurs , business professionals, CEOs, and so much more. When it comes to board rooms and international meetings nothing says boss like a suit.

So what is our fashion take home lesson today? When it comes to fashion and style remember to always be yourself. Wearing a suit isn’t about stunning or changing who you are it’s just another nice way to code switch. With that being said there are levels to this…. no one expects to see a 3 piece suit in the booth but suits have more value than just funerals, court appearances, and weddings .

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