Ois4 OMARI – Just A Jumper

Ois4 OMARI – Just A Jumper

“This that love and basketball”

What makes an artist great? Is it the ability to make great music, be consistent, or just have a crazy work rate. The criteria can be just as objective as the song, but an artist who is creative, super dope, and undeniable shine is destined to shine. Ois4 OMARI is on full bloom with his new song “Just A Jumper”.

Ois4 OMARI does everything just right on “Just A Jumper”. The production sets the perfect tone with a Maxwell “This Woman’s Worth” sample flip that Ois4 styles over. The flow is extra wavy and overflows of swagger, as you get swept in the his wave of dope lyrics bigging up women in a major way, with a record that can be the anthem for the WNBA.

Ois4 OMARI’s “Just A Jumper” is another dope song from a doper artist. This track is a complete vibe that you must hear, as he gives you amazing music in every facet on this must hear release.

Check out Ois4 OMARI “Just A Jumper” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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