Perception is Life: DIEM (Does It Even Matter)

Perception is Life: DIEM (Does It Even Matter)

Greetings Global Family. This week’s installment of Global Fashion focuses on the brand DIEM (Does It Even Matter). Here at Global Money we celebrate bravo when it is used reasonably. However, I should mention that we also applaud quiet confidence. We appreciate those making moves in silence too. We are all about balance around here.

The DIEM (Does It Even Matter) really found a magic formula when it comes to streetwear: sometimes less is more and sometimes its not. When the nightlife promoter Phil The Mayor joined forces with designer Michael Nicholas they really created something special a line of clothing called DIEM (Does It Even Matter). If you are looking to share a meaningful message and make others around you think without even having to say a word, you should definitely check out DIEM (Does It Even Matter) . Also worth noting the bran joined forces with the raper Fabolous for a speical capsule collected inspired by 90s sports-leisure and street culture.

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? There is power in things that are understated. You don’t always have to be bold and brash to get your point across. DIEM (Does It Even Matter) does an amazing job of oscillating from chill and reserved to bold, bright, and in your face. If you aim to do the same via fashion, you should definite wear DIEM (Does It Even Matter) .

Be sure to check out DIEM (Does It Even Matter) using the link below. Stay Global Friends.

Does It Even Matter Website

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