Lauren Faith – Jheeze (Cosmic Love) produced by Kaytranada (Official Video)

Lauren Faith – Jheeze (Cosmic Love) produced by Kaytranada (Official Video)

“Love to give you cosmic lovin”

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and hope even more you have a better weekend. It’s time to relax and enjoy the vibes no matter how you get your weekend at some point you need this special record in your life. That special record is from Lauren Faith, with her new video “Jheeze” produced by Kaytranada

We first covered Lauren Faith’s “Jheeze” when the single was first released and seeing the video reminded us of how special this Kaytranada produced record truly is. The song just feels good to the soul, finding it’s special niche in this crowded thing called music, with a sound that just feels good to hear. With this video it feels good to see, with us getting a glimpse of Lauren Faith looking like the star she is while this amazing record plays, taking you back to the days where people watched music videos for hours.

Lauren Faith “Jheeze” produced by Kaytranada is an incredible record accompanied with an amazing video that gives the record it’s proper treatment. Lauren has set herself up to shine like a star with the record that glows for the world to be able to get a glimpse of this star on the rise.

Check out Lauren Faith “Jheeze” produced by Kaytranada below and follow them on social media. Stay Global my Friends! 

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