Know Your (Fashion)History: Cross Colours

Know Your (Fashion)History: Cross Colours

Greetings Global Family. This week’s installment of Global Fashion will focus on the brand  Cross Colours.

Fashion History

Cross Colours is a brand by Carl Jones that originally launched in 1989. This brand had many messages with the most important and central message being: “Clothing Without Prejudice.” Honestly, this central message is still relevant today and in someways even more important. Cross Colours also promoted such messages as “educate to elevate and stop the boundaries.” It’s important to mention that Cross Colours has influenced the world of hip hop, sports, and pop culture. “From Muhammad Ali, to TLC, to Will Smith, everyone was wearing CxC.” Although the brand was huge in the 90s it has emerged again in 2014.

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? It’s really dope that Cross Colours has been able to introduce their message of unity, equality, and empowerment to a new generation. 

Make sure to KNOW your History. Be sure to check out  Cross Colours  using the link below. Stay Global Friends!

Cross Colours Website

Cross Colors Blog

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