“I’m the truth muhf**ka”

A big part of what makes all of this function is great music. If there is no great music, then there is no content. Amazing artist really makes this whole thing go and some of the most amazing music I’ve heard in a while is iLL CHiLDREN on their new smash “APEX”

iLL CHiLDREN from like Voltron for their new song “APEX”. Their chemistry is immaculate as they compliment each others style to perfection withthem showing the ability to spit a super fast flow packed with rhymes and a playground style of flow and punchlines. The rapping is next level and beyond any criteria of dope emceeing with both firing on all cylinders.

iLL CHiLDREN‘s “APEX” deliver a stellar performance as the two come together just as well as any other legendary collective before them to give you hip hop greatness. iLL CHiLDREN gives you everything you could ask for from an emcee and more as they display excellent work on the mic, over this hard production they stand out on.

Check out iLL CHiLDREN‘s “APEX” below and also follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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