Cityzen – Rave Tech Repeat

Cityzen – Rave Tech Repeat

“Got no nine to five”

Music is used for a lot of things. One of those things is an escape. That thing you can play and leave all your worries and just jam or zone out. It’s that thing that makes music so powerful and meaningful to fans all over. Cityzen’s new song “Rave Tech Repeat” has that special thing.

Cityzen crafts together a next level groove on the new record “Rave Tech Repeat”. The production is next level and makes you move with the exhilarating tempo, of everything coming together to make you move. You can hear this song being played in clubs everywhere, with this record being packed with musical genius, and carefree energy that till have you partying until the sun comes up.

Cityzen’s “Rave Tech Repeat” is the perfect record to play if you ready to dance. It’s funky and infectious, with grooves that control your bones from start to finish. If you love good music, you’ll love this special tunes that’s waiting for you to press play to make your day.

Check out Cityzen “Rave Tech Repeat” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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