OLC (Overseas Love Crisis) – Rescue Me

OLC (Overseas Love Crisis) – Rescue Me

“There’s a little truth in every liar”

With so much music coming out present day, it makes it hard to get to everything. With so much out there an artist or group, has to be really impressive to make you want to keep listening. With that being said, who is as impressive as OLC (Overseas Love Crisis). A ultra talented group who gives you supreme music skill, with their song “Rescue Me”, you wont be able to turn off.

OLC (Overseas Love Crisis)┬áreally out does their self on the new song “Rescue Me”. The music rocks out your speakers from beginning to end and feels good to the soul. ┬áThe vocal performance delivers the impressive lyrics crafted, over this amazing production that is the perfect canvas for this brilliant picture created by this stellar group.

OLC (Overseas Love Crisis) “Rescue Me” is a song for music lovers everywhere to enjoy. This record is brilliantly packed with outstanding production, great lyrics, and the vocals that bring everything full circle.

Check out OLC (Overseas Love Crisis) “Rescue Me”  below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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