Slacs Bianci – Glitched

Slacs Bianci – Glitched

“Never talking to the opps”

Music is always about the next sound or thing. That next thing that we haven’t heard before. With so many sounds out, it’s hard to imagine something new under the sun, but there always is. This new record here is easily some of the most creative music we’ve heard in a long time. The track we’re referring to is coming from Slacs Bianci on his new song “Glitched”

Slacs Bianci has the special sauce on his new record “Glitched”. Slacs has an undeniable creative presence on the track that instantly engages you and makes you listen waiting for excitement for what he will do next. The song is like nothing you’ve heard before with the innovation being beyond words for a sound you have to witness for yourself.

Slacs Bianci’s “Glitched” is a fresh track that is everything music should be. It’s exciting, original, and creative, with Slacs bringing us into his world and making us fans of his amazing talent.

Check out Slacs Bianci “Glitched” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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