Draft Day:  Jerseys and Rap

Draft Day: Jerseys and Rap

Greetings Global Family. This installment of Global Money Fashion aims to bring you more of the dope content you are use to. Today we will focus on just one of the intersections of music and sports. How many rappers have you seen rockin jerseys? Rappers have adorned athletic gear for decades. Rather it’s basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, or other sports rap and sports definitely complement each other.

Today’s Global Fashion post takes a look at jerseys. Have you ever noticed all of the sports references within rap? Sometimes rappers discuss their own athletic pasts. Other times rappers highlight and compare themselves to some of the greatest athletes of call time ( i.e Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Kobe, LeBron etc. ) .The trend of rappers wearing Jerseys isn’t new. Honestly…it might be time to bring this trend back even if its just in the form of a social media throwback Thursday fad.

So what is our take home fashion lesson today? There is a long history of overlap between rap and sports. There was an entire fashion movement of jerseys and yest it was dope. Also worth mentioning, FUBU was on the right wave at the right time and because of that they were able to capitalize heavy on the hip-hop fashion jersey movement. Do you own a jersey? Perhaps it’s time to show your own jersey a little love.

Be sure to check out the FUBU link below ya know in case you are feeling nostalgic after this post. Stay Global my Friends!

Link to FUBU Website

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