Marius Featuring JAWNZA – Yellow

Marius Featuring JAWNZA – Yellow

I think that I need some motivation.

Here at Global Money we applaud all the hustlers, hard workers, and go-getters all over the globe. But we also realize and acknowledge that somethings people need a little bit more motivation. “Yellow” by Marius Featuring JAWNZA reminds up that rather we are operating at our best or slacking a bit sometimes we need a gentle reminder to do more.

“Yellow” below by Marius Featuring JAWNZA I mean honestly where do I even begin ?The track has an awesome beat with a fresh cadence and production. I swear I get young Outkast vibe. The song is interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable. I found myself instantly nodding my head when I heard “Yellow”. The song is definitely relateable, I’m sure we all could use a bit more motivation at times, and realizing that fact is half the battle right?

If you are looking for a track that has a dope beat with a fresh and interesting cadence then look no further. This song definitely makes me want to get up and do something but also makes me feel less guilty if I decide to do nothing at all.

Check out “Yellow” below by Marius Featuring JAWNZA and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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