Leon Lour – Faster

Leon Lour – Faster

“What makes this heart beat faster.”

Happy Sunday Global Family. We hope you’ve had a pleasant and eventful weekend. Per the usual here at Global Money we aim to bring you the freshest content on the planet. When it comes to art in all forms we’ve got you covered. This Sunday we have yet another EMD gem for you. “Faster” by Leon Lour delivers a hard hitting beat with gentle yet unforgettable lyrics. This is a high impact way to start your Sunday.

There’s just something about “Faster” by Leon Lour that makes you want to play it over and over. “Faster” offers really intense beat build ups, intriguing lyrics, and intentional tempo changes. Even before you hear the first lyrics the beat draws you in. The repetitive lyrics are equal parts hunting and cook

Rather you’re working out, sweating it out on the dance floor, or simply enjoying the song in your pajamas listeners are sure to have their EDM craving satisfied by Leon Lour .

Check out  Faster” by Leon Lour below as well and make sure to follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends!


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