Audrey – Time

Audrey – Time

” I just need to find my way down.”

Here at Global Money we aim to bring you pure excellence. However, “Time” by Audrey is more than excellent, this song is really special. Between Audrey’s seamless vocals and the chill melody of the beat, this song instantly feels good. You know how certain songs really make you feel something? I don’t know if that’s a vibe, energy, or something else but whatever that it factor is “Time” has it. Excellent is what we do and clearly superior music is what Audrey provides us all with.

Time by Audrey is modern day soul at its finest. Audrey’s range and tone are both beautiful. The melody is gentle and fully complements her voice. The chorus is divine…and I do not just go around calling things divine. Audrey is brilliantly soulful, she has the kind of soul that resonates with us as listeners immediately. This is what modern, fresh, R&B should sound like. Audrey sounds great regardless of what key she chooses, however there is something about her upper range that just hits every time.

If you are looking for a laid-back fresh R&B track that feels like it ends way too fast then look no further. Time by Audrey flows smoothly enough to serve as excellent chill music with lyrics that interesting enough to provoke stimulating conversation.

Check out “Time” by Audrey below and make sure to follow her on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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