Sinatra Royale – How Does It Feel

Sinatra Royale – How Does It Feel

“Proof is in the pudding, I’m providing the icing”

A heavy debate is the integrity of Hip Hop today. If emcees are still getting busy on the mic and stepping up with great content. It’s a debate that will probably never end but if you need proof that Hip Hop is full of life and it’s still emcees out here spitting that real then listen to Sinatra Royale’s new song “How Does It Feel”

First lets’s start with the artist name Sinatra Royale which sounds super fly and with a name like that you better be coming with some high class skills, and best believe he does in every way. The production has a soulful boom bap tone to it, with the stage set Sinatra puts on a show with high gold pen shining, while he drops gems all over this track. The rhymes are luxurious and fits his style that’s packed with sophistication, to show he’s not the average emcee you come across.

Sinatra Royale’s “How Does It Feel” is audio perfection as he puts on a show for his established fans and new fans alike. His style is wavy and his flow is a fluid as water, as you will get swept in the waves of this talented artist great display of musical talent.

Check out Sinatra Royale “How Does it Feel” and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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