REMI featuring Whosane – 5 A.M. (Official Video)

REMI featuring Whosane – 5 A.M. (Official Video)

Do what you came to do”

Mysic is ever changing but one thing that has never changed, is if you have a smash record you must give the people a video for it. That visual that really sells the song and takes it to its rightful place of success. The song from Australian Hip Hop duo REMI called “5 A.M.” featuring Whosane does it just right.

REMI shines like stars in the “5 A.M” video. The video feels just as good to the soul as the music with everything meshing well the superb rhyming done by REMI. The style is funky visually and musically, with everything taking you back to the days where people fell in love with music limitlessly.

REMI featuring Whosane’s “5 A.M.” is the perfect storm of the right music at the right time, accompanied with a great visual , as everything clicks like it was truly destined to, with a record that can rock any party till the sun comes up. If you love good music you owe it to yourself to check out this special talent displayed on this record, because it is definitely worth the listen.

Check out REMI featuring Whosane’s “5 A.M.” video below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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