The Brookes – Spaceship Rodeo

The Brookes – Spaceship Rodeo

“All the secrets that you hold”

Music is always about finding the next big thing. That next act that will make their mark on the world and make waves with their talent. It’s always something great on the horizons and some acts, you just know are going to be big. The Brookes are one of those acts with their new song “Spaceship Rodeo”.

The Brookes deliver a masterpiece with their new song “Spaceship Rodeo”. The sound is big and their presence is bigger, with the group showcasing their mastery in every aspect. The production grabs you as soon as you hit play, with the sound stopping you in your tracks to give it a listen. The songwriting is engaging and is guided by a vocal performance that seals it for you, to let you know you’re definitely hearing the real deal with this record.

The Brookes “Spaceship Rodeo” is a song that leaves earth into another stratosphere. It’s musically brilliant in every way, with every aspect shining bright to deliver a smash for the masses to enjoy. If you need good music, then you have found it from one of the most promising acts you will ever hear.

Check out The Brookes “Spaceship Rodeo” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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