Obeah featuring Day Tipper & Tvpes – PizzaGate

Obeah featuring Day Tipper & Tvpes – PizzaGate

“Say f**k the world and live in a tent”

Happy Tuesday!! We try to start your week off with the best of the best content. That undeniable music that you have to admire, no matter what style you hear. It’s not always finding that music but when you get, it’s worth it every time. Obeah has that music you have to give praise to with his new song “PizzaGate” featuring Day Tripper and Tvpes.

Obeah, Day Tripper, and Tvpes are super dope on the new song “PizzaGate”. The production is reminiscent of Tyler The Creator’s “Cowboy”, setting a hard eerie tone that each emcee steps up and takes over. The flow is right in pocket and digs into this beat with pressure, with every line being creative and raw, while showing how great their pen is, as they flex their lyrical prowess from beginning to end.

Obeah’s “PizzaGate” featuring Day Tripper and Tvpes is the music you need to hear now. They show everything it is to be a great emcee crafting memorable records. Their pens never slacks for a single second, the flows are polished and right in pocket to ride the bear, and it’s all over the perfect production to make this song hit on all cylinders to be an amazing track.

Check out Obeah featuring Day Tripper and Tvpes “PizzaGate” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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