Nao Yoshioka – Liberation

Nao Yoshioka – Liberation

“I’ve learned the lesson that I need”

The biggest key to success in the art of rhythm and blues is soul. It’s that special sauce that makes people take that journey of music with you for life. Soul can’t be faked and must be authentic to really be felt by the listener. Japanese soul and R&B singer, Nao Yoshioka packs all the soul you can feel on the new song “Liberation”.

Nao Yoshioka is incredible beyond words on the new song “Liberation” it’s a record with soul you can find unlimited inspiration in with amazing songwriting that is about, how we should not live fearing our future, but rather like we have already achieved it in order to liberate ourselves from fear. This message is delivered courtesy of of her soulful voice over this production that is the perfect music for her message.

Nao Yoshioka’s “Liberation” is that type of song that makes people check out the whole catalog and become fans. The music is incredible, with a soulful sophistication to it that you don’t come across too often but when you do, you hold on to it for life.

Check out Nao Yoshioka “Liberation” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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