Location, Location, Location: APT.4B Peace to Our Way of Life

Greetings Global Family. This installment of Global Fashion will focus on the brand APT.4B. If you are anything like me then you can definitely appreciate when art and fashion collide. As always our goal is to bring you pure excellence. As far as excellence is concerned APT.4B does not disappoint.

What do you get when graphic tees meet street culture? The answer is APT.4B. This brand is fresh! Originally the concept was a visual art installation modeled after the 90s apartments of NY husters. APT.4B is a colorful line that truly tells a story. This brand is a very beautiful intersection between fashion, art, and music culture.

So what is our fashion take home lesson today? APT.4B teaches us that fashion is an art form. When elements of art, music and fashion are combined the consumer wins every time. When you wear APT.4B you literally become a walking piece of art.

If you are feeling artistic be sure to check out  APT.4B by using the link below. Stay Global my Friends!


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I LOVE All things FASHION, ART, and MUSIC. It is my distinct honor and privilege to be a Global Money Staff Writer. If you are looking for honest, mindful, and witty commentary on fashion, art, and music than look no further I got you covered. Support Local, Live Global, and Always Protect the Globe.
-Yara J. Irene

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