Old Trends Made New: Japanese Windbreaker Revival

Old Trends Made New: Japanese Windbreaker Revival

Here at Global Money we are all about paying homage to the greats. Hip-hop is filled with iconic trailblazers not just musically speaking but with regard to fashion too. Entire brands and styles were built solely around hip-hop and hip-hop artist. Back in the day, if the rappers wore it, we all wanted to wear it too. Hip-hop blazing the way and setting trends in fashion isn’t a new phenomenon.

During the 1990s you were guaranteed to find two things for sure: great music and dope fashion. One of the most iconic pieces of 90s fashion is the windbreaker. Rather you had the zip-up style or pull-over style windbreaker, as long as you had a windbreaker you were in style. We applaud the efforts of  the Japanese company YAYUKATA.  YAYUKATA is known for making high-quality handmade street wear. They are receiving a lot of love for their handmade windbreakers. One espeically cool feature is how the dope retro 90s vibe blends seemlessly with the hand stitched Japanese characters.

Image here

When it comes to fashion I’m not sure that there is truly anything new under the sun. Old trends fade away and resurface decades later for new generations to enjoy.

Make sure to check out  the YAYUKATA website below. They also offer free international shipping! Stay Global my Friends!


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