Timeless Timepiece

Timeless Timepiece

Greetings GMG Family. This installment of Global World Fashion is just like every other post: focused on excellence. I bet if I asked you right now, you could name one of the most heavily referenced watches in history…if you guessed the Rolex then you would be absolutely correct.

It’s not uncommon for artist to talk about jewelry. When it comes to jewelry the Rolex watch has been a topic of discussion for decades. So what makes the Rolex so special? Well, honestly the Rolex is much more than a watch. A Rolex is a symbol of status, power, and prestige. Not only have bars been dedicated to Rolex references, entire songs have been decided to the Rolex (Remember the song Rolex by Ayo &Teo?).

So what is this week’s take home message? A Rolex can definitely be a dope status piece to physically display how much of a boss you are. However, with that being said the price of a Rolex can range from $4,000.00 to $100,000.00 and more. The price tag of a Rolex is not for everyone. If you happen to be ballin’ on a budget I got you and I definitely understand so in addition to the Rolex link below gone check out that Nixon link too.

Check out the Rolex website below and for a non-rapper salary check out the Nixon link too. Stay Global my Friends!



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