Evan Konrad – Come on Snake, Lets Rattle

Evan Konrad – Come on Snake, Lets Rattle

“I take what I want and I leave when I’m done.”

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The song “Come on Snake, Lets Rattle” by Evan Konrad opens with a cool sci-fi sounding intro. The sci-fi sound seems fitting for lyrics laced with space metaphors and the futuristic video. Evan’s tone is subdued but his lyrics are hard hitting. There’s a smooth tempo change (approx. 3 mins in) and although Evan’s sound is uniquely his own I felt some Cold Play vibes.

Evan Konrad did not disappoint with his strong vocals and interestingly complex beat. The beat had elements of funk with a dash of edgy electronic. His current fans are sure to enjoy this track and new fans will too.

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