Fashion with Meaning: More Than a T-Shirt

Fashion with Meaning: More Than a T-Shirt

Here at Global Money we don’t ride the wave we are the wave. This week Global World Fashion is bringing you even more of the excellence you have come to expect from us.

Fashion allows you to wear your opinion. Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond, dropped a social justice conscious clothing line that not only looks good it aims to bring attention to police brutality and social injustice. Pyer Moss (pronounced Pierre Moss) can be described as a luxury street wear brand. Kerby Jean-Raymond received so much attention that his line was featured at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) which is a major accomplishment. Designers spend their entire lives aspiring to reach the NYFW stage. Kerby Jean-Raymond even opened his New York Fashion Week show with chilling video footage of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who was shot by the police.

The message is clear: fashion represents so much more than what you wear, it can represent what you choose to believe in and support.

Be sure to check out Kerby Jean-Raymond and Pyer Moss on social media and follow him using the links below Stay Global my Friends!

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