Neak – Fight

Neak – Fight

“The worst thing in life to fight is time”

being a good artist isn’t just about putting nice words to a beat. It’s also about the message you have, the way you make the listener feel, and your hustle that makes you the total package. A lot of great artist come across this platform but Neak, is truly one of the special ones you must hear with his new video “Fight”.

Neak brings visuals for his song “Fight” off of his classic project “KWESBAAR”. The song is truly a favorite. The sound is innovative and creative in it’s approach with Neak letting the rhymes fly, being real, and introspective to the point you feel his story like it’s yours. The conviction in his story telling is in class of his own and brings visuals to match that energy that the song makes you feel.

Neak is truly a genius with his new video “Fight” being another example of proof. Neak has truly made the most out of his 2019 with supreme releases of music and visuals, that make him shine like the star the star he truly is, and an artist you owe it to yourself to check out.

Check out Neak “Fight” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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