Numbers on the Board August: Cantrell, Miss Velvet & the Blue Wolf, Charlie Myles, and Rell HUES

“Ballers, I put numbers on the board” Numbers on the Board was created to showcase a select few of incredible talents we have on the platform. This is for the artists who really put in work and excel at their

Langston Hughes III featuring DJ Red Alert & Choyce – Sophisticated Itunes

“We still strive for the good life” There is nothing more subjective than the art form Hip Hop. Truly an art where two people can hear the same song and have completely two different opinions. As subjective as Hip Hop

Thoughtful Fashion: Like Mind

To think or not to think? That is the question.

Cantrell – WaY BaCK (Official Video)

Cantrell is on another level with his new video “Way BaCK”

Michael Sneed – Hopscotch

Michael Sneed has a summer anthem filled with bounce on his new song “Hopscotch”

Mike G – Exile (Album Review)

Mike G marvels on his latest EP “Exile”

Fashion With Meaning Part II: HBCU T-Shirts

Let’s rep all HBCUs for this week’s
T-shirt with a meaning