Joose The Conqueror – Run It Up

Joose The Conqueror – Run It Up

“You ain’t f**kin with the hustle”

Being a great emcee can be a variety of things. With music being so subjective the criteria is truly limitless. For us a great emcee is an artist who lyrics are on point, a flow that is unmatched and delivers their message with the ultimate conviction, and a rapper who has originality and knows how to maximize their talents on a track. Joose The Conqueror does everything right on his new song “Run It Up” off of his new project “Wild”.

Joose The Conqueror has a style that’s the perfect blend of authentic Hip Hop with modern sounds on “Run It Up”. His rhymes are raw, brilliant, and connect with perfect precision, as he shines all over this production, that he adds all the personality of stars with his unique style, that is on full bloom for the world to enjoy.

Joose The Conqueror’s “Run It Up”is a Hip Hop masterpiece with him embodying everything it is to be Hip Hop. He’s original, creative,rhymes are on point, the flow is commanding, and it’s all delivered to perfection for a track that is pure gold for music fans all over. You are hearing a master at work on this beyond impressive track that’s well worth the listen.

Check out Joose The Conqueror “Run It Up”below as well as his “Wild” project and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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