Wilder Woods- Light Shine In

Wilder Woods- Light Shine In

“What you are trying to do is always better than what you just did //So I will give you that benefit, give you a way out of this.// Oh let your light shine in.”

For centuries musicians have used songs to deliver a message. As listeners and lovers of music we enjoy hearing stories that resonate with us and connect with us on some level. Wilder Woods provides us with a great story on his new song “Light Shine In”. This song has a message that we all can relate to. With flawless production and strong lyrics there’s something here for everyone.

Wilder Woods opens the song “Light Shine In”  in a calm and soothing tone. Although the lyrics may initially come across as poignant and hunting to some listeners this is not a sad song. “Light Shine In”  is a song about growth, hope, redemption, and overcoming the circumstances of life. There are hints of melancholy moments throughout, however the overall message is very positive. Wilder Woods’ vocals are strong and they blend perfectly with the solid rock beat. The beat is intriguing as it paces from subdued to intense. At times there is almost a gospel revival feel. Wilder Woods  sings with so much conviction, passion, and emotion that at times the song feels almost palpable. With each line belted out by Wilder the song builds and builds and yet ends on a calm note similar to how it began. 

The powerful message in this song is both understated and overt at times. “Light Shine In” sounds like an anthem and a call to action all in one, imploring listeners to overcome and become the best versions of themselves. The  opening message “let your light shine is” resonates throughout the entire song and is sure to be well received. Wilder’s lyrics are gritty, raw, and real which makes them relateable. The way this song transitions from calm and poised to urgent and aggressive hits the ear just right. Current fans will instantly love this song and new listeners are sure to become long-term fans.

Check out Wilder Woods- “Light Shine In” below and be sure to follow him on social medial. Stay Global my Friends!

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