Euphorik-Fine Line

Euphorik-Fine Line

“I know I’ll see you when the times right// Don’t pay no mind to the timeline// We run in circles that’s a fine line// Just let it go can’t force a right time.” 

If you’ve lived even a little life you know running into a hater or doubter is inevitable. “Fine Line” by Eurphorik serves to remind us that sometimes it’s just best to let certain things go. If you’re looking for a dope track to remind you that bouncing back is dope look no further than “Fine Line” . Remember the best revenge is success.

Euphorik provides fans with a dope beat and plenty of solid word play on his track “Fine Line”.  With his effortless cadence he can easily compete with today’s lyricist without sounding gimmicky. The beat definitely goes hard without overshadowing Euphorik’s robust delivery. “Fine Line”  serves to remind us that we can put our all into an endeavor but we can never control how it’s received. Long-time Euphorik fans are sure to rock with “Fine Line” and those newer to his sound are sure to explore more.

Check out “Fine Line” by Euphorik below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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