BAELY – Paranoid

BAELY – Paranoid

“Thought I was giving you enough”

Rhythm and blues grew to prominence for many different reasons, the biggest being soul. Legendary music you can feel and relate to, while also having grooves that made you move, is what made this genre grow and last. A person who embodies rhythm and blues to its core is BAELY on his new song “Paranoid”.

BAELY gives you the music you can feel on “Paranoid”. Everything is done to a high level starting with the production that is infectious and sets the tone, then BAELY coming with next level songwriting, that he delivers with the ultimate conviction, with a vocal performance that is amazing while he delivers the blues.

BAELY’s “Paranoid” is that R&B that lasts a lifetime. The track is soulful with amazing rhythm, superb songwriting you read about, and a vocal performance that sells this song as the incredible display of music that it is. If you need to hear your new favorite song, press play and be amazed.

Check out BAELY “Paranoid” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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