CRZY Feat. Chris Brown- Wanted

CRZY Feat. Chris Brown- Wanted

“The only thing I need from you is lovin’ I just want you to love me I know I’m no Casanova”

Happy Friday!!! You already know that Fridays are all about excellence here at Global Money. The summer pop hit that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived and it is our immense pleasure to post the new song from CRZY feat. Chris Brown called “Wanted.”

Wanted by CRZY featuring Chris Brown is sure to be a summer hit. Chris Brown provides long-time fans with the classic Breezy sound they have come to know and love. Wanted is a lighthearted pop sonnet where the infamous bad boy shows his softer side. This track is flirty as demonstrated by the opening lyrics:

The beat is undeniably pop with catchy lyrics laced throughout. The verses seamlessly flow into the chorus and shortly after the track ends. At only 2 minutes and 53 seconds the song ends fast leaving the listener ready for at least one more verse. Wanted is a track that will definitely resonate with Chris Brown fans, and with its laid-back melodic tempo he’s sure to pick up new fans along the way. Overall, the production is dope, CRZY’s beat gives this track life with elements of pop and electronic there is something here for all listeners.

Be sure to check out Wanted produced by CRZY feat. Chris Brown and follow them on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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