Geechi Gotti Vs Tsu Surf is available now on the URLTV App!

Nome 9 was a night of classics, with every battle being one to remember. A battle that had great anticipation was Geechi Gotti Vs Tsu Surf.

The build was huge with everyone waiting to see what the rising Geechi Gotti could do against the legendary Tsu Surf. The battle did not disappoint with different results coming from fans who pay per viewed the battle. One thing that is unanimous is that it was a classic that lived up to the hype in a major way.

With the battle now available to URLTV App premium members, fans will be able to see for themselves and pick a victor.

Check out Geechi Gotti Vs Tsu Surf in the URLTV App and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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