Gary Jordan – 4th Dimension

Gary Jordan – 4th Dimension

“Meditate ,that’s my weapon”

Every artist strives to be the best and bring some game changing music. That music that truly makes a statement and ups the bar for any music following from other emcees. Many try and unfortunately many fail but Gary Jordan has the ultimate success at being a game changer, with his new song “4th Dimension”.

Gary Jordan is an undeniable talent who is truly a game changer. Jordan delivers nothing but hot lines with his authentic flow, that can rap circles around any emcee in the game right now. He has a presence that is commanding and it’s present all through his new song “4th Dimension”. Gary Jordan oozes confidence with his swagger on the mic that packs the bravado of legends, as he makes this hard production his own as each line bounces off of each 808 to perfection.

Gary Jordan’s “4th Dimension” is an incredible display of Hip Hop you must not go another day without hearing.Hedemonstrates excellence in every aspect of his game. From his high powered flow, hard lyrics that pack a punch, and all delivered masterfully to makes this track a gem you must find now.

Check out Gary Jordan “4th Dimension” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

One thought on “Gary Jordan – 4th Dimension

  1. The description written here about Gary Jordan is absolutely correct and on point! This guy has raw talent ready to be unleashed. If you are a true hiphop head, then look no further and fuck with Gary Jordan. He putting Broward on the map!!! One time for Gary Jordan!!! ??

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