6 Popular Music Based Anime to Watch (Guest Post)

6 Popular Music Based Anime to Watch (Guest Post)

Unlike most people who like to spend their time binge-watching Netflix series, I’m more of an Anime binge-watcher. There’s always something about anime that has drawn my interest in it and what good when the anime has a great genre of music associated with it.
There’s obviously many music-based anime series, a pack more than what you can imagine, but some of them just take a place in our heart and never leave. Unless, of course, we find a better one.

So, here’s my list of 6 Popular music-based anime that you should definitely watch.

1. Nana

Kick-starting with something delightful, Nana Komatsu is very cheerful, fun-loving and kind-hearted girl who travels to Tokyo to meet her boyfriend and college

friends and to fulfill her dreams. Nana Osaki, on the other hand, is a punk-styled lead vocalist of a band called BLAST, who has goals of starting her own music career.

The two “Nanas” with contrasting characters, meet in Tokyo and become roommates and best friends. The story basically revolves on how one seeks enjoyment and delight while the other wants to be famous and remembered. It takes us through their records of friendship, their lives, and their struggle to achieve their dreams. You can surely expect some adventure and more amusing characters in the show with plenty of drama.

2. Kids on the Slope

How often does your high school bully turn into your best friend? Let me guess, not quite often. Kaoru Nishimi is a highly introverted 1st-year high school student who recently joined the school due to his dad’s transfer. Like most of us, he too has trouble making friends. Sentaro Kawabuchi is that high school bully that we all are scared off. Well-built, tall and good physique, but in this case, he is actually a soft person on the inside.

Both of them realize that they both like Jazz music and explore the world of music together, with a strong bond of friendship tied by music. The show has amazing songs on friendship, which you can sing along with your friends in a karaoke with these bluetooth enabled karaoke microphones. If you’re looking for entertainment packed with Jazz music and mend your relation with your bully, I think you found your anime.

3. Nodame Cantabile

Just like they say- “Opposites attract”. Here is another series on the same theme. Shinichi Chiaki is the perfect violin and piano performer you can find. Always correct with his pitch and notes of music, hence arrogant about it. Megumi Noda or “Nodame”, on the other hand, is a very talented musician, who just wants to create happiness with her music. She is that cheerful, notorious and messy girl, who doesn’t much care about her perfection in her notes and pitch.

Both of them complete each other, grow and develop as they meet and fall in love.

The show has very engaging songs and has been on the list of many people. There is also a movie with a similar title. Anyways, if you are into Romance with classical music as a side dish, then you should totally enjoy this one.

4. K-On!

Following up the list is K-On! This series has grown popular all over the world as many enjoy high school drama. Here’s a series of four high school girls and their journey in music. It’s the story of Yui who knows nothing of music and joins her high school band so that she saves it from getting disbanded. She thinks that “light music club” would be easy as its just “LIGHT”. Things don’t go as she plans but along her journey, she meets Mio, Akiyama, Ritsu including Tsumugi, her bandmates who teach her to play guitar and a strong bond of friendship is created and together they rock the school with their band.

No matter how old we get, our best times were with our friends in high school and college. This show reminds us of our good times in school and how we used to play various musical instruments like bongo drums, piano, snare drums etc. , and get you and friends to have a great time.

5. The Idolmaster

Isn’t it weird how few people who come as strangers in our lives and become the best or the worst people we met? We are constantly competing with the world so that we can get recognized. With the similar theme of competition, the Idolmaster is a series revolving around a production house called the 765 productions, who train 13 singing sensations to achieve their stardom. The series focuses on the lives of the competitors individually, their struggles, and battles they have met to improve their talent.

The series definitely is an eye-catcher with many backstories, love, friendship, jealousy, hatred and many other feelings. The series has included quite exciting and catchy songs.

6. Your Lie in April

Next in this list we have “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso”, i.e Your lie in April. Kosei Arima, after his mother’s death, cannot play piano, which he was once a champion at. He cannot live the way he used to, until a day when Kaomi Miyazono comes into his life. She changes his life and teaches him to live again. Kaomi is a talented artist and is inspired by Kosei to sing and showcase her talent. But everything is not so fine as Kaomi begins to lie to Kosei.

The series has a lot of values we can apply to our lives along with the music to excite us! With drama, romance, music and friendship, it sure is an entertainment pack all by itself.

So, here was my list of 6 Popular Music based Animes to watch. Let’s sit back and binge-watch these first and have a great time singing its songs in a karaoke with our friends!

Author Bio

Ronald Ross is a content writer who specializes in articles involving music. He believes that series and movies, always teach something new in life. He learns more of the positive traits from the characters of the series and implies in his life. He also researches on many other genres like horror, romance, adventure, crime as well. He writes about music in his blog loudbeats.org.

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