Da$h & V Don – 5 Deadly Venoms (Album Review)

Da$h & V Don – 5 Deadly Venoms (Album Review)

“Tell me who that n**ga, if it ain’t me””

Music is the perfect example of collaboration being a major key to success. Since the beginning Dj’s and emcees, as well as producers and emcees, have come together to make classics that made the world move. If you want to know who can come together and make that next game changer, then look to Da$h and V Don for some answers, with their new project “5 Deadly Venoms”. Da$h and V Don bring both of their respective skills to the table, with Da$h bringing the rhymes and V Don bringing the sounds to make Hip Hop magic. Check out the review below.

10x: “I feel like Tyson in his prime” A perfect intro track to let you know what to expect moving forward. The production by V Don is a dark trap sound, with an eerie feel to it that sets the perfect tone. Da$h brings a hard chorus and harder verses that drips all over the beat and overflow to the next track.

Hold Up: The second track ups the momentum. The production and rhyming is harder in it’s approach, with the production having the perfect blend of boom bap and modern day sounds. The rapping by Da$h is perfect with his rhymes being a match made in heaven, as they blend their skills perfectly to knock this track out the park and in your face.

Fangs featuring Meechy Darko :“I’m a wolf you don’t see the fangs” V Don and Da$h connect again on a record that sounds like brother of the intro track “10x”. The sample work with the keys, mixed with the hard bass that knocks out your speaker, with Da$h knowing how to maneuver with the rhymes at every turn. Meechy Darko steps in with value, bringing a style that is most reminiscent of Billy Danze of “M.O.P.” as these wolves come to town on this hard track.

World of Sin: This whole track is an experience that sounds like a funked out version of Nas “Suspect”. The production and bass work by V Don and Jxke Cregxn, makes the music bring suspense that has you on the edge of your seat, as Da$h steps in and paints the picture needed to bring this track to life.

Different: “”Put a damper on a pu**y n**ga plans”.” The perfect finale for an amazing piece of art as it trades off with “World of Sin” perfectly. V Don and Da$hgives you everything and more on this final track. This final song combines everything that they give you, throughout the project from the sharp pen, raw flows, and hard knocking production to put this pair in a class of their own.

Da$h & V Don “5 Deadly Venoms” is a must listen if you’re a fan of that real. This project is the perfect statement to show you what happens when the right producer and artist link up to make good music. They give you five amazing tracks, and you can pick your poison from any track, with all of them packed with venom for the listener.

Check out Da$h & V Don “5 Deadly Venoms” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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