Yung & Usls – How We Do

Yung & Usls – How We Do

Happy Tuesday!!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and a great start to the week. If you need some music that is filled with color and groove, then I can say with supreme confidence¬†Yung & Usls¬†new song “How We Do” is the perfect record for you.

Yung & Usls creates a song that’s boasting heavy drums, catchy vocal samples, a driving bassline and pitchy synth work, with their new song “How We Do”. It’s an amazing musical work that hits the jonz in your bones that makes you move. The music is filled with endless grooves, with the sound shining extra bright that feels good to the soul to listen to every second.

Yung & Usls “How We Do” is the perfect record to show just how much music is truly art, as the talented pair creates work that not only sounds amazing but music that allows your imagination to run wild, and paint whatever beautiful picture you see that makes this a stand out track for listeners everywhere to enjoy, all while keep you dancing.

Check out Yung & Usls “How We Do” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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