Sinsier – We$tSide

Sinsier – We$tSide

“Left the booth on fire, rest in peace Left Eye”

Music has always been a reflection of the times, especially Hip Hop. Hip Hop has always been the soundtrack of the times and the environment that it’s artists live in. The truth in these records is what make listeners connect to these stories. Sinsier takes us through his journey and let’s us vibe out to the new song “We$tSide”

Sinsier was first on Global Money World with his song “The Relay” a heavy track with a Nipsey Hussle that you had to feel, and he’s back with more dope music for the people to hear. Sinsier brings the feel good vibes with “We$tSide” while still being lyrically intact. The production has that signature west coast sound it’s known for, while Sinsier puts it down and spreads love all over the track.

Sinsier’s “We$tSide” is everything established fans love from him and something new fans can dive into and look for more of his work. Sinsier‘s work is superb from the lyrics, flow, and production to give a stellar performance and make a statement just in time for the Summer.

Check out Sinsier “We$tSide” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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