Maggie Andrew – Sleep 4Ever

Maggie Andrew – Sleep 4Ever

“Fall into our dreams together”

Being in this position I never take for granted how fortunate I am to hear so much music. Especially when you hear an artist and know without a doubt, you are hearing the next big star in music. Hearing tracks like “Sleep 4Ever” from Maggie Andrew makes everything so worth it.

Pushing play on any track from someone you’ve never heard is always a gamble but anyone who presses play on this track, should expect and will get nothing short of musical brilliance. Maggie Andrew uses this track “Sleep 4Ever” to make a smash hit the world will love. The production sets the perfect tone while, while her smooth vocals deliver the great lyrics masterfully that makes an undeniable hit.

Maggie Andrew’s “Sleep 4ever” is the perfect statement for the world to get familiar with this talent that is set to takeoff into the stars. The sound has unlimited mass appeal that will make the world fans, as she sells herself as the ultra talented star she is.

Check out Maggie Andrew“Sleep 4Ever” below and follow her on twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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