Abrax Phaeton featuring Jeff Kush & Brandon From Addison – Old Tings Prod. by Cloudberry Rd.

“I bring them hits like TRL”

We’ve made it through another week, which means we made it to another Friday of hearing amazing music. Fridays are already known as the day we make it a point to post the best music out there, and we say with supreme confidence Abrax Phaeton has some of the best music out there with his new song “Old Tings”.

Abrax Phaeton, Jeff Kush, and Brandon from Addison crafts together a lyrical smash with the new song “Old Tings”. It’s a song that you can’t deny with a hard production that bass knocks out your speaker. This collective makes this track their own as they display their incredible pen and a major sounding chorus, showing the type of bravado and charisma made of stars. Not only is theirpens on point, the flow is on point as well instantly grabbing your attention and creating excitement every second of the track.

Abrax Phaeton’s “Old Tings” is that Hip Hop that everybody is looking to hear. That artist who is original and shines with their talent. Abrax is a super talented artist, who puts on a stellar display of music from the rhymes, flow and delivery, he is truly gold on this dope track.

Check out Abrax Phaeton featuring Jeff Kush & Brandon From Addison Prod by Cloudberry Rd. “Old Tings” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!





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