Hether – When U Loved Me

Hether – When U Loved Me

“Who were you, when I loved you”

A quote I once read was “Anything truly worth writing about, is truly unexplainable”. That’s exactly how good music makes you feel sometimes. Certain records make you feel so many things and bring so many thoughts to mind that nothing comes out. That’s exactly how Hether makes you feel with his new song “When U Loved Me”.

Hether is an undeniable artist with a sound packed with soul and creativity on his new song “When U Loved Me”. Hether talents are on full bloom as he makes a record that sounds like a funked out version of Prince “The Beautiful Ones”. The song writing is brilliant and the accompanying vocal performance makes it genius in it’s execution to make this song a true modern day musical work of art.

Hether’s “When U Loved Me” is the creative music you’ve been waiting for. It feels good to the soul, as he takes control with a stellar performance on the record, showing his full skill set, while still making damn good music that is digestible for the masses, and showing he’s worth the listen.

Check out Hether “When U Loved Me” below and follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends!


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