Discrete featuring ANGEL – Trippin’ Bout You”

Discrete featuring ANGEL – Trippin’ Bout You”

“I keep trippin’ bout you”

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend and I’m sure it will be a great one for us all. Here at Global Media EDM, it’s no secret that excellence is the key for our Fridays. Making sure we bring you the best content to make sure your weekend starts off just right. I’m more than confident we have achieved that with the new song from Discrete called “Trippin’ Bout You” featuringANGEL.

Discrete and ANGEL puts their talents on full bloom and crafted together an amazing record that sounds like a for sure Summer smash, on the new song “Trippin’ Bout You”. Discrete crafts a fun, and melodic production with great bounce, along with ANGEL’s great vocals that makes for musical gold, that will have you dancing till the sun comes up. 

Discrete featuring ANGEL “Trippin’ Bout You” is an undeniable jam the world should hear. It’s an amazing record that truly hits the target in every criteria for music. It’s refreshing and amazing in it’s approach that pays major dividends for this pair as their creativity shines brighter than ever.

Check out Discrete featuring ANGEL“Trippin’ Bout You” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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