Brierley & Mikko feat Nino Lucarelli – Lush

Brierley & Mikko feat Nino Lucarelli – Lush

“She got a grip on me”

Summer is in full swing! The weather is nice and the vibes are nice, as people from all over enjoy life a little more. With every mood and season you need music that is fitting. Tunes that go along with what you do, like scores for great cinema. The soundtrack for your summer needs Brierley & Mikko’s new song “Lush” featuring Nino Lucarelli.

Brierley & Mikko’s creativity is on full bloom on their new song “Lush”. The song writing is the thing of mega hits and is amazing in it’s articulation, as anything you will hear from any part of the world. The vocal performance by Nino Lucarelli is perfect and pays off in major ways, with a style that grabs you instantly and, delivers everything you need to hear over this bright impressive production.

Brierley & Mikko’s “Lush” is that special style of music that keeps people dancing all night. they are amazing in their execution, and delivers a musical masterpiece that the world should cherish. Everything is high quality and it makes for audio bliss from, as soon as you hit play till the song is over. 

Check out Brierley & Mikko featuring Nino Lucarelli “Lush” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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