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“Ballers, I put numbers on the board”

Numbers on the Board was created to showcase a select few of incredible talents we have on the platform. This is for the artists who really put in work and excel at their craft. For the month of June the choice was made for us by these amazing people, Talented rapper Sinsier, Super talented ZAIA, Rockstars Revolt, the incredible producer and DJ Jovani, and the thriving entrepreneur Fred Thompson. Get familiar with them below!

ZAIA: ZAIA embodies the soul R&B music is legendary for with his new song “ON THE RUN. It’s a fly soul sound that grabs you instantly. ZAIA masters his skills with singing and melodic rap cadence in the verses that’s truly infectious as he creates musical gold. The song shines in every category with the songwriting being the thing of hits, with the engaging lyrics that you feel, and can sing like your new favorite song. 

Article Link: https://www.globalmoneyworld.com/global-media-r-b/zaia-on-the-run 

Revolt: Revolt dares to take chances and be great on this new song “Shatterhand”. The sound is innovative and daring as they give you a fresh new sound that’s enticing and takes you into a whole new world. The vocal performance is mesmerizing and feels like heaven to the ears, as they give you sound that feels like you’re walking on clouds to get this beautiful musical destination. 

Article Link: https://www.globalmoneyworld.com/global-media-rock/revolt-shatterhand 

Sinsier: Sinsier gives all the game one can ever need and delivers Hip Hop brilliance with his new song “The Relay”. His authenticity  grabs you in instantly while baring his truth and also keeping his pen lyrically sharp through out this inspirational track. The incredible lyrics delivered by Sinsier are all delivered with a powerful flow, that delivers each line with the right amount of intensity, needed to truly to take this track to it’s rightful destination of greatness. The icing on the cake is a verse from the late Nipsey Hussle rapping his message that he not only spoke but lived of empowering the community and owning something in this world 

Article Link: https://www.globalmoneyworld.com/global-media-blog/sinsier-the-relay 

Jovani: Jovani shows his undeniable talent with his new song “I Should Have Known”. The record sounds like a radio hit you hear all around the world  with, Jovani’s musical talent being on full display for the world to enjoy. Jovani enlists Jazzu for a feature to deliver to the vocals which she knocks out the park, with a vocal performance that the masses can feel with every note, while delivering incredible lyrics over this amazing production. 

Article Link: https://www.globalmoneyworld.com/global-media-edm/jovani-featuring-jazzu-i-should-have-known 

Fred Thompson:Building a brand goes far beyond just what you market, but the values that you instill not only in your company but the culture. The way of how what you do resonates with the people is what will shine through the most, and the cultural impact rooted in honor and integrity has gotten M3S3 Apparel far. CEO of M3S3 Apparel Fred Thompson not only has great clothing but greater principals for this thriving company. We wanted to know more about the man and the company.

Article Link: https://www.globalmoneyworld.com/first-class/ceo-of-m3s3-apparel-fred-thompson-talks-his-vision-brand-and-future-of-m3s3-apparel  

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