TÖME – Kickback

TÖME – Kickback

“‘Kickback’, boy relax”  

Music is more than audio art. It’s an escape for some. That thing that you go to after a long day or when you just need that thing, to help you get away for a moment in time. Special talent TÖME has that thing you need to get away with her new record you can vibe to “Kickback”.

TÖME gives you a vibe you can’t deny on her new song Kickback”. With so much music out there is a lack of music, that you can get lost in and take a journey with. That music that does wonders to the soul. TÖME crafts a track that feels good to the bones and you can just enjoy the music, on this record that has a sexiness to it that makes you vibe out to it. Her talent is on full display as her song writing shines as well as her vocals that deliver everything masterfully, to get this song to that special level.

TÖME‘s“Kickback” is the perfect song for your summer and forever. The music is in a class of it’s own and packed with soul as well as class, that makes this track as enjoyable as music can be. Enjoy the unlimited vibes that TÖME gives you on this record.

Check out TÖME “Kickback” below and follow her on social media. Stay Global my Friends!



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