Euphorik – Switch It Up

Euphorik – Switch It Up

“I fell in love with the process”

Being a great emcee can be a variety of things. With music being so subjective the criteria is truly limitless. For me a great emcee is an artist who lyrics are on point, a flow that is unmatched and delivers their message with the ultimate conviction, and a rapper who has originality and knows how to maximize their talents on a track. Euphorikdoes everything right on his new song “Switch It Up”.

Euphorik was first on Global Money World with his track “All On Me”and he’s back better than ever asholds back nothing and gives the fans his all on his new song “Switch It Up”. Euphorik is where high energy and dope lyrics meet, as he rocks this self produced hard beat with each hard line being delivered with the ultimate conviction, as he blends his high skill level with an inspirational message of taking a leap of faith, that connects on the right level.

Euphorik’s “Switch It Up” is the type of record to show he’s here to stay. Euphorik gives you that infectious energy, that instantly engages you and has you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what he does next, on a record that doesn’t disappoint for a second.

Check out Euphorik “Switch It Up” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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