Louis Baker – Open

Louis Baker – Open

“Never been so thirsty for a new day’s dawn”

Happy Monday! The weekends always fly by and we are back starting another week. The start of the week can really be a drag, so here at Global Media R&B, we try to give you the best music we can to help kick start your week better. This is only possible with music from amazing artists and an amazing artist that is making this possible today is Louis Baker with his new song “Open”.

Louis Baker is truly phenomenal with his new song “Open”. Giving you just a stellar display of musicianship that leaves you in awe. His sound is soulful and sounds like a musical genius at work, with his great songwriting that is delivered by his amazing vocal performance, over an incredible soul production that puts this record in a class of it’s own.

Louis Baker’s “Open” is a special piece of soul art you need in your life now. Louis truly knocks this song out the park and lets all of his talents shine. He is truly a star you need to get familiar with now. A true master class of music is what Louis Baker gives you in his music.

Check out Louis Baker “Open” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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